Looking for a unique way to advertise your business in Colorado? Airplane advertising will give you what you need!

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From marriage proposals, to happy birthday wishes, to graduation announcements, aerial advertising is a unique way to send a personal message that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Will You Marry Me Banner


Airplane advertising is a unique way to brand a product or service, drive walk-in customers, and create local awareness. Check out our services page for popular venues for aerial advertising in Colorado.


"Thanks so much for the flight. I got really great feedback and it was super visible. I hope you had fun up there. Someone even told me it was on the news."


"Thank you for the photos! I will highly recommend your services. I did receive an amazing positive response to the banner. Everyone around us was in amazement. Thanks again Mr. Mace you've been terrific!"


"Hello Tom,

I wanted to thank you for the services that you provided yesterday. The timing, professionalism and visual effects that you portrayed brought smiles to the faces of so many. When Principle Silva of Cherry Creek spoke, his first words were "I am Principle Ryan Silva not SLLIM SLY..whoever SLLIM SLY is he must have parents that truly love him". How cool was that! My son Maxx...nickname is SLLIM (our last name backwards) and SLY is what my grandfather used to say and write SLY Surely Love You. I hold told my son to keep his head up at graduation, he said that when he heard the plane coming he knew that I was up to something. When the message flew by him his friends asked him is that for you...all he could say with his hands in his face was yes. That was perfect.

I ran into Principle Silva after the graduation and explained that I was the culprit and explained the meaning behind the message..he thought it was awesome. Lastly we were at dinner last night and one of Maxx's teachers showed up, and I mentioned the airplane, he said that was the most spectacular idea he has ever seen at a graduation (cool again)...even better he said the facility had a lunch after the graduation and once again Principle Silva spoke about how cool it was with the plane and message.

As a parent, I try to provide lasting impressions. This one may be hard to beat.

Thank you for the effort and memory."

Jay Mills
Maxx Mills

"I used Tom and Pam's service for a birthday message for my wife on May 2016. From initial contact to the flight Tom was a true professional to work with. He even made a few suggestions that helped make the flyover a real hit at my wife's birthday party. I considered his fee to be very reasonable and I highly recommend his service to anyone looking for something out of the ordinary that will be a big hit at your event."

"We are proud of the many compliments we receive from customers who use our aerial advertising (airplane banner services) in Denver and throughout Colorado. Thank you for the wonderful feedback!"

"Tom at DRAG 'n' FLY Banners did an excellent job on the 4th of July as they flew our banner over Mile High Stadium as 30,000 people watched. We are proud to be associated with DRAG 'n' FLY banners and we appreciate their support of Veterans. I highly recommend Tom and his company to help spread the word, advertise, and get the word out."

Shane Schmutz - Founder
Veteran's Passport To Hope

"Tom & Pam are excellent to work with. They are dependable, are full of ideas, and run a great company. We give them our highest recommendation for aerial banner needs of all occasions."

Vlad & Jennifer

"Tom and Pam with Drag 'n' Fly Banners flew a wonderful banner for my proposal to my, hope to be, fiancé. Making coordination for this special event was made so easy with Tom, always accessible during planning and providing outstanding guidance throughout. The confidence and trustworthiness he illustrated early in the planning continued flawlessly through show time. He was on station on time for a perfect moment my fiancé and I will remember forever. Thanks for making this such a special and flawless moment for us."

Todd - Monument, CO

"The Colorado Titan team decided to try Aerial Advertising for the first time, in the Summer of 2008. We were able to increase quotes and written business from this effective campaign! Thank you for offering this type of advertising at an affordable cost."

Tammy Seiwald - Sales Manager

"We wanted to celebrate our daughter's 13th birthday in a special way. Since she and her best friend share the same birth date, we had a banner fly over her school and arranged to have her whole 7th grade class outside to see it. It was a huge hit with both girls and the entire class. Thank you for making the day memorable for her, her best friend and the entire class."

Pam - Greeley, CO

"Tom at Drag 'n' Fly flew a beautiful Valentine's Day Banner. He was on time and all parties were delighted. Not only was his service impeccable he was always available over the phone. He even emailed some wonderful photos of the banner in flight. Overall Tom was great in every step of the process."
Thank you Tom!"

Michael Arnold - President
Arnold Aerial Advertising Inc.


Jason Harwell
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