Looking for a unique way to advertise your business in Colorado? Airplane advertising will give you what you need!

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From marriage proposals, to happy birthday wishes, to graduation announcements, aerial advertising is a unique way to send a personal message that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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Airplane advertising is a unique way to brand a product or service, drive walk-in customers, and create local awareness. Check out our services page for popular venues for aerial advertising in Colorado.


Tom and Pam Mace started their aerial advertising business in 2008. Tom has had his pilots license since 1966. At that time, Tom was a full time Fire Captain with Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District in El Paso county and had retirement on the somewhat near horizon. He was looking at what he could do in preparation for and after retirement from the fire department and knew that he somehow had to incorporate flying into his plan. After much research he determined that there was a huge market for aerial advertising in the beautiful skies of Colorado. He found a plane he fell in love with, which would also best fulfill his goal of aerial advertising. He then went to Florida for an "extensive" training period in building and flying banners and billboards. After working with the FAA for over 10 months, he was able to finally get his business certified and “OFF THE GROUND”!

At first this was a hobby that enabled him to have his plane and fly more frequently. However, over the years we have brought this to a new level that is growing daily. In July of 2014, Tom retired from the fire department and now does this full time.

We are very conscientious about providing both our commercial customers and individual customers with a very satisfying experience. Tom flies corporate clients' banners or billboards or a combination of each for name recognition or specials. He also flies banners for personal customers such as “Will You Marry Me”, “Congratulations”, “Happy Graduation”, etc. We also have donated flights for non-profit organizations.

We look forward to providing a unique “Outside the Box” experience to all our future customers.


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