Looking for a unique way to advertise your business in Colorado? Airplane advertising will give you what you need!

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Airplane Banners

From marriage proposals, to happy birthday wishes, to graduation announcements, aerial advertising is a unique way to send a personal message that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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Airplane Banners Venues

Airplane advertising is a unique way to brand a product or service, drive walk-in customers, and create local awareness. Check out our services page for popular venues for aerial advertising in Colorado.


Looking for a unique way to advertise your business in Colorado? Flying signs also known as airplane advertising will give you what you need!

DRAG 'n' FLY BANNERS are the leaders in Colorado Aerial Advertising! Our company was founded in 2008 and, in May of 2012, we purchased the only other aerial banner towing company in Colorado. Tom, the owner/pilot, has been flying since 1966, and has turned his passion for flying into a successful aerial advertising business. We currently have 2 planes to accommodate your visual aerial needs.

Each year, our banner planes fly aerial banners and aerial billboards (aerial ads) that reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers in Colorado, including Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Ft Morgan, Brush, Sterling, Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

We proudly offer custom flying billboards up to 30' x 100', combination billboards with letter banners and traditional letter banners. These fly over such places as Sports Authority Field, Coors Field, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Comfort Dental Amphitheater, Bandimer Speedway, Water World and the I-25 corridor.

With each flight our aerial advertising reaches huge crowds with a message for your product or service that is in motion and draws the viewer's eyes. There is no "ad-clutter" or "competition" for your banner ad, so it is not part of the landscape. Literally hundreds of thousands of prospects can be reached at a cost of less than $5 per thousand, which is much more cost effective than print media!

With Aerial advertising there is:

  • No Page flipping
  • No tuning out
  • No hanging up
  • No throwing out
  • No deletion
  • Non-intrusive

But don't just take our word for it -- according to Wikipedia, "It can be postulated that due to the relatively unusual method in which the advertisement is displayed; the novelty of seeing a message in an unfamiliar way helps consumers to remember the message."

Call us today and let our banner planes fly for you!


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