Looking for a unique way to advertise your business in Colorado? Airplane advertising will give you what you need!

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From marriage proposals, to happy birthday wishes, to graduation announcements, aerial advertising is a unique way to send a personal message that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Will You Marry Me Banner


Airplane advertising is a unique way to brand a product or service, drive walk-in customers, and create local awareness. Check out our services page for popular venues for aerial advertising in Colorado.


We provide aerial advertising banner (airplane advertising) towing services in Denver, all of Colorado and the surrounding states.

Personal Flights

Flights are approximately 1 to 2 hours long, which includes flight time to and from the base airport. If the location is substantially farther from the base airport costs will be determined and bid on based on the location. Provided with the above costs are 5' red or black nylon letters with a maximum of 45 letters including spaces and punctuation. Air show quality, attention-getting, SMOKE is available for a nominal fee per flight.

Corporate Flights

DRAG 'n' FLY Banners provides single or multiple flight services to corporate clients. Multiple flights can have a cost savings of up to 20%. Flights are a minimum of 2 hours and can be up to a maximum of 5 hours. Air show quality, attention grabbing, smoke is available for a nominal fee per flight.

Banners and Billboards

Aerial advertising banners typically utilize 5' red or black nylon letters with a maximum of 45 characters including spaces and punctuation. 7' red or black nylon letters can be utilized for an additional fee. A minimum of 3-5 days prior to a flight is recommended in order to build the banner. "Rush services" of 2 days or less can be accommodated for an additional cost.
Sample Airplane Banner

Aerial advertising billboards are high-quality, computer-generated graphics. Typical sizes range from 25' X 75' to 30' X 100'. Billboards can be seen clearly at longer distances thus increasing the potential viewer count, which reduces the cost per thousand. These are reusable. Lead-time to manufacturer a billboard is one to two weeks after final approval of the artwork. DRAG 'n' FLY BANNERS will store the billboard at our hanger for future flights.
Sample Airplane Billboard

Aerial advertising banners and billboard can also be assembled into Combination Banners. A 20X20 billboard can be married to a letter banner with a maximum of 25 letters including spaces and punctuation. The advantage is the billboard is generally client specific and the banner can change for the individual promotion. Once the billboard is created, the banner can be assembled for a future flight.
Sample Combo Airplane Banner


We have two pricing templates – one for personal use & the other for business use.

For PERSONAL FLIGHTS - i.e. "WILL YOU MARRY ME", "CONGRATULATIONS", "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", "ITS A GIRL" to name a few. These flights are $775 if flown in the Denver Metro area, Greeley or within a 30-35 mile range of our airport. Flights more than an hour will be prorated based on distance from our airport. We are on site for approximately 8-10 minutes and this allows us to fly an average of 4-6 circuits over your site.

For BUSINESS FLIGHTS - our minimum flights are 2 hours per flight, but can be flown up to 4 or possibly 5 hours depending on fuel consumption.

  • One time 2 hour flight @ $535 per hour of flight time = $1,070
  • One 3 hour (or more) flight, or more than one - 2 hour flight scheduled = $485 per hour of flight time

All flights include 5' letter banners which can be made up to 45 characters (letters & spaces) long. We can also order a billboard for businesses which would be created with your custom artwork. These billboards can be anywhere from 20' x 20' up to 30' x 100' and can be reused up to approximately 100 hours of flight time and would be stored at our hanger. The one-time cost of a billboard is $2.25 a sq ft. If the smaller billboards are used we can also attach trailing letters at no charge which could be changed out for different venues or promotions, etc.

Hopefully this answers your basic questions, but we would be happy to further discuss any options with you to be able to really fine tune your particular quote.


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